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Through the unique combination of aesthetics and functionality, Nomadhome appeals to a consumer who strongly identifies with the product and the underlying idea, who lays special emphasis on freedom and flexibility,  who looks into the subject of new trends and gives himself the chance , easily and at anytime to react to the social and economic development.

Basically we are very concerned to create a perfect combination; on the one hand the novel highly technical construction of the Nomadhome and on the other hand, allowing an ecological aspect incorporating the same values to blend in.

We have decided to deliver only the highest quality and lay great value on long lasting materials with a life span of up to 50 years, manufactured to first class quality.

Because of the conscious choice of materials we try to avoid the maintenance and renovation costs for decades. An exception is mechanical damage.

Thinking about the future energy resources, we are especially convinced that the best solution ecologically is electricity for the heating and cooling of the NOMADHOME in order to remain independent of fuels such as oil, gas, pellets, etc. Also electricity is available without complications, nearly everywhere and through ones own production.

With Nomadhome we offer our customers a simple, uncomplicated and solid project which won’t incur extra costs and work for decades.

The Nomadhome functions internationally.